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CBS Sports Super Bowl LVIII

Art Direction, Animation


I had the privilege of working on the team at Two Fresh Creative on the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast graphics package. In collaboration with the team at CBS Sports we created a dynamic broadcast package, drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of Las Vegas.

From the bright light surface effects to the intricate neon tubing and the entire Vegas cityscape built in Unreal Engine, our collaborative efforts extended across various aspects of the project, including the main package, pregame, halftime, and postgame elements, ensuring a cohesive viewer experience from start to finish.

Main Package


Hero logo animation for CBS Sports' coverage of Super Bowl LVIII. I was responsible for conceptualizing the neon version of the logo, which was further developed into a set piece for the NFL Today show. The environment was inspired by the iconic Bellagio fountains, designed to integrate with the on site location of the broadcast desk. This element became a central feature used throughout the entire broadcast package.


The team logo animations were designed to showcase the dynamic evolution of surface effects from multiple angles, deployed across various assets within the package to amplify visual appeal and engagement.

Kickoff, Halftime and Postgame


In addition to the main package, we also created packages for the Kickoff, Halftime, and Postgame shows, enriching the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast with cohesive visual elements. Drawing from the neon cues of the main package and incorporating NFL Super Bowl branding, we ensured a seamless viewer experience from start to finish.

Pre Produced Segments


Expanding on the utilization of the package, a series of produced segments, including captivating shots within the iconic Las Vegas Sphere, were captured against the backdrop of the package, adding depth and visual richness to the production.

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