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2022 FedExCup Playoffs

Creative Direction, Animation & Compositing


Partnering with the PGA Tour for the 2022 FedExCup Playoffs campaign, I provided art direction, design and animation for an LED volume shoot of the FedExCup Playoffs trophy. Utilizing the vibrant brand colors of the three Playoff tournaments I designed several 3D environments for playback on the volume as well as dozens of 2D plates with branding and messaging to be captured in camera. These shots were then used to cut together a series of TV spots advertising the FedExCup Playoffs. I created previs tools including a mockup of the set to provide framing reference and plan camera shots before arriving on location. Over 120 deliverables were created at 8k resolution and 60 FPS in a two week period. Shot on location at VU Tampa Bay.




Director/DP: Jackson Van Meter

Cam Op: Patrick Konior

1st AC: Nate Hilt

Gaffer: Kris Wagner
Key Grip: Mike Ruthhardt

Dolly Grip: Kurt Kautz

Studio Producer: Kristy Reed

Producer: Shannon Maltese

Design: Lance Drake

Edit: Jackson Van Meter

Visual Effects Sup: Brody Smith

Unreal Op: Drew Smith

LED Tech: Gus Abdallah

Prop Stylist: Leslie Simons

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